Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Threat to Representation Map

Next week the Supreme Court will hear the case of Evenwel v. Abbott. The case is about a challenge to the Texas Legislature’s plan for state Senate districts. The outcome of the case could change Districts across the whole of the United States, by ruling that Districts can only count eligible voters rather than the whole population (excluding non-voters, such as children and non-citizens).

If the Court rules for the plaintiff, virtually all districting plans in the United States would need to be redrawn, and children and non-citizens would no longer count as constituents to represent. Social Explorer has created an interactive map which shows you how many people in each Congressional District, State Senate District and State House District would not be represented if the plaintiff wins.

The map provides a choropleth view of each District in the United States, which each District colored based on the percentage of the population who would not be represented if Evenwel wins. If you click on a district on The Threat to Representation for Children and Non-Citizens map you can view the percentage of people who would not be represented and the percentage of children and non-citizens in the District.

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