Friday, December 04, 2015

The Trump Rug Tracking Map

Donald Trump's luminescent rug is the only man-made object which can be seen from space. This means that it's very easy for satellites to track & map the Trumpster's polyester hair-piece.

MapQuest has taken advantage of this fact to create the #AvoidTrump in Your City Map. The #AvoidTrump map is full of helpful advice of locations you can visit across the United States where you are unlikely to bump into Donald Trump. The map includes five locations in each of a number of cities where you can escape to if Donald Trump visits your town.

For example, in Salt Lake City, if Trump is in town, you can pop down to the iFly. MapQuest say that iFly is "one of the only ways to experience the sensation of free fall without a parachute and given the velocity of air whipping through there, you won't find Donald or his toupee for miles".

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