Wednesday, February 13, 2019

1.4 Million New York Collisions

Times Square witnessed more pedestrian injuries from motor vehicle collisions between 2012 and 2019 than any other location in New York. The most cyclists injured during that period was on Delancey Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. You can explore more motor vehicle collision trends in New York on the Motor Vehicle Collisions Map.

The Motor Vehicle Collisions Map uses New York Police Department data to visualize 1.4 million collisions in New York City between July 2012 and January 2019. Using the map you can find out where the most motor vehicle collisions occurred and the locations which suffered the most injuries and fatalities. The map uses colored hexagons to show the numbers of the selected collisions by area. The area size of these hexagons can be adjusted in the map menu.

If you click on the 'Total Collisions' option in the map menu you can change the map to show the areas with the highest number of injuries or fatalities. You can also select to change the map to visualize the number of motorists, cyclists or pedestrians injured or killed.

The Vision Zero initiative in New York plans to end traffic accident deaths and injuries on the city's roads. The City of New York has released its own interactive map, Vision Zero View, to provide detailed information on traffic injury and fatality crashes within New York since 2009. You can also access real-time information about conditions on the city's roads using the Vision Zero Dashboard.

The Vision Zero Dashboard provides a mapped dashboard which allows you to access information in real-time about traffic on the city's roads. The Vision Zero Dashboard interactive map shows real-time traffic, accidents, traffic cameras, air quality and weather conditions in New York City.

You can access the different data views on the map using the menu at the bottom of the map. For example, if you select 'Traffic' you can view a real-time overview of traffic on the city's streets. Roads with heavy traffic are colored red on the map. Sections of roads with heavy traffic are also shown along the bottom of the map with details about the current average speed on these sections of road.

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