Friday, February 08, 2019

The Polarization of Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, Polarized The Inquirer takes a closer look at the 2018 mid-term elections to show how politics in Pennsylvania is becoming more and more polarized. In its article The Inquirer uses a number of map visualization techniques to explain how November's election results reveal the state's growing divisions.

As you progress through The Philly's story the map constantly updates to show the mid-term election results for the Senate, the House and Governor. The map also uses different visualization techniques to show the split between the urban Democrat voting areas and the more rural Republican voting areas.

Overall the Democrats made the biggest gains in the mid-terms however across the state lots of areas just became even more entrenched than in previous. In other words many rural areas voted even more Republican than in previous years and many urban areas voted even more Democrat. This polarization of a red rural Pennsylvania and an urban and suburban Blue Pennsylvania seems to be growing even more pronounced.

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