Saturday, February 09, 2019

The 8-Bit Atlas

The 8-bit Map of the USA is an animated map of the United States in the style of a vintage 8-bit computer game. This pictorial map features 8-bit representations of popular tourist destinations from across the country.

The 8-Bit Map of the USA is just an animated GIF so you can't actually zoom in on areas of the map. If you want to explore locations around the world in a little more detail (as much detail as 8-Bit allows) then you could refer to 8-Bit Cities.

Back in 2010 Bret Camper released 8-Bit City - New York, an interactive 8-Bit map of New York, which resembled the maps used in 1980's computer games.

Since 2010 8-Bit City has expanded in scope and you can now view 8-Bit maps of 18 cities around the world. These 8-bit maps use data from OpenStreetMap which is then processed in a custom rendering engine, built by Brett, to create the map tiles for each interactive city map.

If you want to view a fully interactive 8-Bit map of the world then you should have a look at the Super Mario Map of the World. This interactive map was styled in Mapbox Studio to resemble the 8-bit maps used in the Super Mario computer games.

If you want to learn more about how the map data was styled to resemble an 8-Bit map then you can read the Designing a Super Mario Map with Mapbox Studio Classic on the Mapbox Blog.

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