Thursday, February 07, 2019

Mapping Chinese New Year

Every year around 2.8 million trips are made by Chinese people traveling home to spend the Chinese New Year with their families. Thanks to Baidu maps we are able to see when, where and how they traveled. Baidu's mobile map application has over 350 million active users and receives over 10 billion location requests every day. This provides Baidu with a unique insight into the movements of the Chinese population over the Spring Festival.

Every year Baidu releases its Qianxi (migration) visualization. This interactive map allows you to explore which national highways were the most congested over the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. It also allows you to visualize the movements to and from China's largest cities over the holiday period.

According to the map the peak congestion on China's national highways was on February 6th. On February 4th, the day before the Chinese New Year, the cities which saw the highest inflow of people returning home for the New Year were Chongqing, Chengdu and Beijing respectively. On February 4th the cities which saw the highest outflows of people travelling home were Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai respectively.

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