Wednesday, February 06, 2019

It's a Watercolor World

Watercolor World is busy painting the world in oils. Sorry - not oils - watercolours. The site is creating a free online database of documentary watercolour paintings which were painted before 1900. You can explore this database of paintings for yourself by the subject matters depicted or by the locations pictured using the Watercolour World interactive map.

The interactive map allows you to search for watercolour paintings of your favorite locations or for places that are near your current location. It is also possible to search Watercolour World's huge collection of digitized paintings by artist name, by art museum collection, by category or by tag.

Watercolour World uses the Leaflet mapping platform, which I'm normally entirely in favor of. It is great fun exploring these old paintings to see how places looked in the past. It would be really great if you could compare the depicted landscapes with the same views shown today using Google Maps Street View.

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