Friday, July 26, 2019

Chicago Traffic Accidents in 3D

The intersection of Lake Shore Drive & E 57th Drive is the most dangerous place for drivers in Chicago. More accident collisions happen here than at any other intersection in the city. You can view Chicago's other traffic black spots on a new interactive map, Chicago Traffic Accidents, a 3D mapped visualization of City of Chicago traffic accident data.

The Chicago Traffic Accidents map visualizes where 273,937 collisions have taken place in the city over the last few years. The map uses a 3D hexbin heat map to show the total number of collisions which have taken place across Chicago. The height and color of the hexbin towers indicate the total number of collisions. The map can also be filtered to show the total number of collisions which resulted in injuries and the number which resulted in fatalities.

Below the map are a number of tables which look at the city's traffic collision data in more detail. These tables explore where cars have collided with bikes and pedestrians. A graph also shows the number of 'doorings' of cyclists over time. These incidents increased by a significant factor in 2018. The number of doorings are also much higher in the summer months than during the rest of the year (presumably because of more cyclists being on the roads).

You may also be interested in the Chicago Parking Ticket Map, a visualization of Chicago parking ticket data from the beginning of 2013 through to May 2018.

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