Monday, July 29, 2019

Poverty in the USA

More than 1 in 10 Americans live in poverty. In total, in 2016, 40.6 million people in the USA were living in poverty. Of course poverty isn't an equal opportunity disaster. It hits some groups more than others:
  • If you are disabled in America then your chance of living in poverty doubles. The poverty rate for people living with a disability is 21%. 
  • If you are a child your chances of living in poverty also doubles. 1 in every 5 children in the USA is living in poverty. 
  • If you are a Native American, Black or Hispanic your chances of living in poverty are even greater. 1 in 4 of non-white / non-Asian Americans live in poverty.
Where you live in America also effects your chances of living in poverty. You can find out by how much on Poverty USA's interactive map. The Poverty USA interactive choropleth map shows the rate of poverty in every county. If you select a state or county on the map you can view statistics on the total population, the number of people living in poverty and the percentage of the population living in poverty. A donut chart also visualizes the proportion of the people living in poverty compared to the total population.

Beneath the map you can view a range of statistics which explore in more detail the local economy and how that effects the local population. These statistics include the unemployment rate, the median income and the percentage of people living without health insurance. This data also reveals the local poverty rate by gender, race and by age.


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