Monday, July 08, 2019

United States Climate Stripes

Ed Hawkins' climate stripes are a simple and powerful visualization of how average yearly temperatures have risen over the last century as a result of global heating. His Show Your Stripes application allows you to view and download an image of the climate stripes for different locations around the world.

In the United States Show Your Stripes can be used to view and download climate stripes down to the state level. Thanks to the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies you can now view and download the climate stripes for your county. The NCICS Annual United States Climate Stripes: Temperature and Precipitation interactive map provides a simple interface for viewing temperature and precipitation climate stripes at the county level.

Both the temperature and precipitation climate stripes on this map use data from NOAA to show how the climate has changed over time in each county since 1895. The temperature climate stripes use blue and red stripes to show colder and warmer than average years (stripes are in chronological order with 1895 on the far left and 2018 on the far right). The precipitation climate stripes use brown for drier than average years and green for the wetter than average years.

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