Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Germany's Growing & Shrinking Cities

Growing and Shrinking Towns and Communities is an interactive map of the economic health and performance of towns and cities in Germany. It allows you to see which parts of Germany are expanding and which areas are under performing.

The map uses six different performance indicators of growth. These indicators include data on population and economic performance. You can view each of these indicators separately on the map or view an overall assessment of growth in Germany. For each map view red is used to signify growth and blue is used for negative growth. If you click on a town on the map you can view how well the town is performing in all six different areas. These results are given in percentage terms above or below the German average.

The map tells a familiar story. Outside of Berlin the former East Germany is mainly experiencing negative growth. Elsewhere in Germany the south and parts of the north seem to be experiencing the most growth. It is also noticeable how large cities, such as Berlin and Hamburg, seem to have a positive influence on the growth of surrounding communities. This positive effect on growth becomes weaker the further away you move from the city.

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Anonymous said...

What about Rome (ITALY)? You have Palermo and Milan but not ROME? That's the largest city in Italy. You must put it in your atlas.