Friday, July 12, 2019

Deforestation Supply Chains

Much of the deforestation of tropical rainforests around the world is being caused by agricultural expansion, mainly to grow soy & palm oil and to clear land to graze cows for beef. Trase wants to increase transparency around the supply chains of agricultural products in order to reveal the environmental and social risks of these products. One way in which Trase is increasing transparency is through mapping the supply chains of South American agricultural commodities from production to consumption.

The Trase Explore the Supply Chain map is a simple interactive tool which allows you to view the supply chains of a number of agricultural commodities from South American countries to the rest of the world. Select a product, a country and a year and you can view a flow map showing the volume trade of that product to other countries around the world for the selected year. The top exporting companies of that product are also listed beside the map.

The Trase Supply Chain Interactive Map provides a more detailed overview of the trade and supply chains of some of these agricultural commodities. This map allows you to explore in finer detail where these products originate from and the deforestation risk attached to their production. An accompanying sankey diagram shows the supply chain of the selected commodity, revealing the volumes traded by individual exporting and importing companies and the countries where the commodity is most consumed.