Thursday, July 25, 2019

Discover Your Doom Score

If you are the kind of person who worries about nuclear war, extreme climate change or natural disaster then you should not look at this interactive map. calls itself the "Zillow for the Apocalypse" and allows you to discover your 'Doom Score' or the chance that you will die in a future nuclear war or natural disaster.

Your 'Doom Score' is your predicted chance of dying from a nuclear attack, global heating or a natural disaster - based on where you live in America. The map uses information about the locations of military targets (military bases, power plants etc.), threats of rising seas and earthquake risk to determine how prone you are to die in the approaching apocalypse.

If you want to know how this risk is calculated you can learn more about the map on the creator's blog post — The Best (and Worst) Places to Wait out a Nuclear War.

If you want to see the damage that a nuclear bomb landing on your home might cause then you have a number of choices. Using either Outrider - Bomb Blast, NUKEMAP or Ground Zero you can practice dropping a nuclear bomb on different locations around the world and visualize the likely fallout.

All three of these interactive maps allow you to view the potential damage that a wide choice of nuclear weapons could have if dropped on different locations. The maps allow your to choose from different types of nuclear weapon, whether you want to detonate your nuclear bomb at ground level or as an air burst. You can then view the likely damage on an interactive map. These maps show the likely radius of the fireball, the radiation, the shock wave and the lethal heat. Outrider - Bomb Blast also provides an estimate of the number of fatalities and injuries your nuclear weapon would cause.

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