Friday, July 05, 2019

The Integrated European Energy Network

Energy infrastructure in Europe is becoming increasingly integrated. The European Union is supporting the development of this integrated infrastructure with 173 projects of common interest (PCI). These projects are designed to support and develop the integration of the electricity, gas and oil markets in Europe.

The Projects of Common Interest interactive map visualizes the 173 PCI projects supported by the European Union. On the map these energy infrastructure projects are color-coded by type of energy. The blue lines indicate where high voltage lines have been developed to enable electricity supply between different European countries. The red lines on the map show the development of cross border gas pipelines.

If you select the 'Network' tab on the map legend then you can select to view either the electricity, gas or oil networks on the map. This is useful if you just want to highlight and view the European infrastructure projects being developed in one of these specific energy markets.

The PCI projects are of course only a very small part of a much larger network of electricity, gas and oil supply in Europe. The ENTSO-E Transmission System Map provides a neat visualization of the scale of Europe'e electricity transmission network.

On this map you can see all European transmission lines which are designed for 220kV voltage and higher and all the generation stations which have a net generation capacity of more than 100MW. On the map the transmission lines are color-coded to show their level of voltage. All undersea transmission lines are colored purple.

You can see how individual country electricity networks are connected to the networks of neighboring countries by selecting to view only cross border transmission lines. This will filter out all the lines on the map except for those which are used to transport electricity between two or more countries.

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