Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2020 is Conquering the Earth

You can watch 2020 sweep across the world on the New Year Map. As time progresses today the New Year Map will become grayer and grayer as parts of the world move into 2020.

The new decade will first arrive in Polynesia. As time progresses today the New Year will move westward around the globe. New Year will arrive in Hawaii around 24 hours after it first arrives in Polynesia. You can use the New Year Map at any time today to see which countries across the world are already experiencing 2020 and which countries are still in 2019.

If you hover over a city on the map you can view the current local time and how much time is left until the city moves into New Year. Hovering over the map will also reveal the timezone of your selected location - highlighted on the map in gray. If you click on a city's red marker you can view a New Year's Countdown for the selected city.

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