Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The World's Diplomatic Network Map

The USA operates hundreds of embassies and consulates across the globe. In fact the USA has the most extensive diplomatic network of any country in the world. You can explore this comprehensive network for yourself on the 2019 Lowy Institute's Global Diplomacy Index interactive map.

The Lowy Institute's Global Diplomacy Index ranks the diplomatic networks of all the G20, OECD and Asian countries by city, country and post type. The index ranks each of these countries based on factors such as the number of embassies and consulates each country operates across the globe. The Global Diplomacy Index Network Map allows you to view the diplomacy ranking of each of the countries featured in the index and to view the diplomatic networks of each country. If you select a country on the map you can see the locations of its diplomatic missions in each country across the globe.

The yellow dots on the map show cities around the world which have diplomatic embassies or consulates. Click on a city's dot and lines connect to the city showing every country with a diplomatic post in the city. For example if you click on Washington D.C. on the map you can view all the 59 countries around the world who maintain diplomatic posts in the city.

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