Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mapping the Exodus of Egypt

MosesTrek is an interactive map which plots the Biblical journey of Moses and the people of Israel from Egypt to Palestine. As you progress through the map you can follow the journey of the Israelites on their exodus of Egypt based on the account given in one of the oldest German-language Bibles from the 15th century. MosesTrek also uses information used in vintage 19th century maps and illustrations.

One of the two main vintage maps used as a basis for MosesTrek is the 1840 Map of the Promised Land (printed in Rostock around 1830), which is a map of "the 40-year journey of the children of Israel according to the scriptures". The other main historical map used is the Map of the Nile Delta to Palestine, (printed in London in 1848), which includes a plot of the "Israelite train from Egypt to Canaan".

Where the actual locations mentioned in the Bible aren't definitively known MosesTrek points to plausible locations. For example the real location of Mount Sinai (where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments) is not known so MosesTrek identifies locations which are plausible based on the Biblical story and timeline. MosesTrek also points to the locations which were identified as Mount Sinai in the German and English vintage historical maps of the Exodus.

MosesTrek is in German. However, the map works well with Chrome's 'translate this page' option. The map is also fairly easy to follow even if you have only a little familiarity with the story of Moses' journey.

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