Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Constellations of Hope

Alyssa Flowers has created a number of constellation maps which show which areas of the USA have been protesting the most since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Since Donald Trump became president there have been over 20,000 protests across the country. These protests have been held for a number of reasons, including for women's rights, to tighten gun laws and to protest Trump's anti-immigration measures.

Points of Light: Protest in America uses data on the number of public protests held across the country to link locations which have protested the most over the same political issues and at the same time. For example the constellation map of gun violence demonstrations shows that Florida, Richmond VA, Boulder CO and Santa Rosa CA have all seen numerous protests against gun violence and gun legislation.

Points of Light: Protest in America includes an animated map which shows the locations of protests across the country for every week since the inauguration of Donald Trump. It also includes a timeline and graphs showing the number and type of protests which have occurred during Trump's term of office. These visualizations help to explain when and why different types of protest have happened and what events may have triggered these protests.

The data for Points of Light comes from Count Love's tracking of protests. Count Love crawls local newspaper and television sites to track where political protests are taking place in the United States. The Count Love site includes an interactive map which shows the locations of all the protests which have occurred in the USA since January 20th 2017. This map can be filtered to view specific types of protest, for example civil rights, immigration or gun legislation.

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