Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Climate Stripe Maps

Climate Stripes are one of the most powerful tools to visualize global heating. A climate stripe visualization uses different colored stripes to show the annual average temperatures over time. If you want to know how global heating has effected temperatures in any German town you can now create  localized climate stripe visualizations using a new interactive tool.

Zeit's Too Warm Here allows you to generate the climate stripes for any German town. Just enter a location into the tool and it will create a climate stripe image which shows the average annual temperature in the town for every year since 1881. The images also informs you which was the coldest and hottest year (on average) in your selected town.

Zeit's Too Warm Here also includes a small multiple map visualization which shows how temperatures have changed in the whole of Germany over the last 137 years. In this visualization a small map of Germany is colored for every year since 1881 to show the average annual temperature. In 21 out of the last 22 years Germany has experienced hotter than average temperatures.

If you live outside of Germany you can still create your own climate stripes. The European Commission's ERA5 Explorer allows you to view historical climate data for cities around the world. Click on the map and you can explore a range of climate statistics showing how the climate has changed at the selected location over the last forty years. The map even generates climate stripes for your selected location.

You can also generate climate stripes for individual countries around the world (and for individual U.S. states) using #ShowYourStripes. Select a region and then a country from the drop-down menu on #ShowYourStripes and you can view and download an image showing how temperatures have risen over the last 100+ years at your selected location.

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