Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The 1st Santa Tracker of Xmas

Every year the Google Santa Tracker battles it out with the Official NORAD Santa Tracker to see who can best keep tabs on Santa's sled as it travels around the world bringing joy to the world's children.

It takes a very brave person to take on the combined might of NORAD and Google. However that hasn't stopped Colby Fayock from giving it a go. His Santa Tracker is an interactive map which visualizes Santa's route around the world on Christmas Eve. The Christmas present markers on the map show all of Santa's many scheduled stops across the globe. If you click on these markers you can actually view the accumulated total of presents that Santa delivers as he travels around the world. According to the map Santa will have delivered close to 8 billion presents by Christmas morning.

Colby Fayock's Santa Tracker map itself seems to be have been built primarily as a demo for the Gatsby JavaScript library, which is an open source framework based on React. It also uses what it calls Google's unofficial Santa Tracker API, which I assume is the list and order of locations around the world which Google uses in its own Santa Tracker.

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