Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Who Lives Longest?

According to the latest data from the United Nations Japanese people have the longest life expectancy on the planet. In 2019 the life expectancy in Japan is 85 years. That means the average Japanese person can expect to live 32 years longer that the average person in the Central African Republic. In 2019 the life expectancy in the Central African Republic is 53 years, the lowest life expectancy of any country.

Our World in Data has created an interactive map which shows the life expectancy of countries around the world, based on data from James C. Riley, Clio Infra and the United Nations Population Division. Mouse-over a country on the Life Expectancy map and you can view the current life expectancy in that country.

As well as showing the latest life expectancy for people in countries around the world the Life Expectancy map allows you to see how life expectancy has changed over time. If you use the timeline control beneath the map you can view life expectancy around the world for any year since 1543. For example in 1880 the life expectancy in the USA was 39.4 years. In 2019 it is 78.9 years. If you select the chart option you can view a line graph showing how life expectancy has changed in different countries over time.

Mapipedia's Average Life Expectancy by Country since 1800 is another interesting data visualization of life expectancy around the world. This interactive map shows how life expectancy has changed around the globe since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century and also attempts to explain the reasons behind some of the most significant changes in life expectancy during this period of history.

If you select a country on the Mapipedia map you can view a list of historical events that have probably effected the average life expectancy of the population in the chosen country. For example if you click on Russia the 'Description' column will include information about World War I, Spanish Flu, the Soviet Famine, World War II and Russian Alcohol Consumption (1990-2001).

Select a country on the map and you can view a graph showing the average life expectancy in that country from 1800-2018. This graph is interactive. If there are any significant falls in life expectancy shown on the graph you can click on the chart to find out why these occurred. For example, using the example of Russia again, the graph shows a steep decline in life expectancy starting in 1940. If you hover over this data the 'Description' column provides information about the affect of World War II on life expectancy in Russia.

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