Friday, October 02, 2020

3D City Ninja

CityJSON is a popular format for saving the data of 3D city models. The CityJSON format supports most of the common 3D features found in 3D city models, such as buildings, roads, bridges, and city furniture. As well as saving the data for the geometry of these objects CityJSON can be used to encode data on their appearance, for example the textures and colors of the buildings.

You can view CityJSON files online using CityJSON Ninja. CityJSON Ninja is an online editor for CityJSON files. The editor allows you to load CityJSON files and view 3D city models online (as seen in the screenshot above of a 3D model of a neighborhood in Delft). Viewing and editing a CityJSON file in CityJSON Ninja is a good way for learning how CityJSON files are formatted and structured.

Once you load a CityJSON file into CityJSON Ninja you can view the 3D model online. You can then select the 'Settings' menu to change the colors of buildings, roads, and other objects. You can also click on individual objects on the 3D map to edit the object directly in the CityJSON file. Any edits instantly appear on the online city model and then all your changes can be saved and downloaded as a new CityJSON file.

If you want to test or play with CityJSON Ninja you can find some examples CityJSON files to use on the Datasets page of

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