Sunday, October 11, 2020

Amsterdam Time Machine

Amsterdam Time Machine has digitized a number of vintage maps of Amsterdam and made them available as interactive map tile layers. This means that you can use any of the digitized maps with the interactive map library of your choice.

The oldest map in this collection of vintage map tiles is a 1625 map of Amsterdam by Balthasar Florisz van Berckenrode. Balthasar Florisz was from an influential family of cartographers. His 1625 map of Amsterdam is oriented with South West at the top of the map. Therefore this geo-rectified digital version of the map appears upside down. You can view an interactive version of the map with South West still at the top, as Balthasar Florisz originally intended, on the Minneapolis Intstitute of Art website.


A 1724 map by Gerrit de Broen is also orientated with South West at the top of the map. The first map in this collection to be orientated with north at the top is the 1876 Neighborhood Atlas, printed by JC Loman.  The other three vintage maps are all 20th Century maps made by the Public Works Department of Amsterdam.

If you want to use any of these vintage maps then you need to look below the interactive map, where you can copy the relevant map tiles URL for the vintage map which you wish to use.

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