Thursday, October 29, 2020

The First Map of the Election

Bloomberg has published what could well be the first map of the 2020 U.S. Election. At the time of writing, far from the Biden landslide I was expecting, the map shows that the Presidential election couldn't be closer. Both candidates at the moment have exactly 0 votes.

Although the map is yet to show any interesting results it is still interesting in itself. The Bloomberg 2020 Presidential Election Results map includes a cartogram view. On this cartogram map each state is represented by a number of squares. The number of squares equates to the number of electoral college votes each state has. For example Alabama is made up of nine squares on the map because it has nine electoral college votes. 

Presumably as the results begin to come in Bloomberg will be coloring these square blue or red depending on the votes cast for each candidate. The Bloomberg election results map also includes a more traditional map view - where each state will be colored to reflect the winning candidate. The map will also allow you to view the latest results for the senate, house and governors elections.

If you can't wait a few more days until the actual election then you can explore the likely results yourself on the popular 270 to Win interactive map. Using the 270 to Win map you can create your own 2020 election forecast. 

You can color states on the 270 to Win interactive map to reflect the candidate who you predict will win the state. As you color individual states on the map the results will update to show how many electoral votes each candidate has under your prediction. As you complete the whole map the results will eventually show which candidate reaches the magic 270 electoral votes which will decide the election. 

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