Friday, October 09, 2020

A Tapestry of Thrones

The Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tapestry is a giant, 77 metre long medieval wall hanging, which depicts the whole epic tale of George R. R. Martin's fantasy novels in tapestry form. This huge hand-woven and hand-embroidered tapestry was created by a team of artists and illustrators. 

The tapestry is owned by the Ulster Museum Belfast but you can view it online at Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tapestry. The tapestry is presented here in the form of an interactive map, allowing you to pan around the whole 77 meters of tapestry and to zoom into any of the details which catch your eye. 

The tapestry is organized in chronological order and depicts events from every single episode of all eight seasons of the Game of Thrones television series. As you pan around the tapestry the map tells you which season and episode you are currently viewing. The tapestry map also includes markers which provide more detail on key events depicted in the tapestry. However any fans of the television series will probably easily recognize all the scenes depicted - from the beheading of Ed Stark to the second coming of Jon Snow.

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