Thursday, October 22, 2020

Earth's Climate from Space

The European Space Agency has released a new online platform to provide and visualize climate data gathered from the agency's satellites and space missions. ESA's Climate from Space platform uses interactive 3D globes, 2D maps and charts and graphs to visualize how the Earth's climate works and how climate change is leading to some drastic changes to the world's weather.

Climate from Space consists of two main sections - Stories and Data. The Stories section of Climate from Space provides a number of guided explanations of some of the global phenomena that drive the Earth's climate. This collection of stories also include investigations into how climate change is effecting the polar ice caps and contributing to biodiversity & habitat loss. 

The Data section of Climate from Space allows users to visualize ESA climate data on an interactive 3D globe or on a 2D map. These data layers include visualizations of CO2, methane, ozone and both northern and southern sea ice. You can select to view any of the available climate data layers on top of either a 3D  globe or a 2D map. It is also possible to select two different data layers and compare them side by side on two separate globes or maps. 

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