Saturday, October 24, 2020


Here is an interactive map that you probably never knew that you needed. McBroken can tell you before you leave home whether the ice cream machine at your local McDonalds restaurant is working or is currently broken.

Every 30 minutes McBroken tries to order an ice cream from every McDonald's outlet in the United States. If an ice cream can't be added to the shopping cart then the map assumes the ice cream machine at the restaurant is broken. The results of all this furious ice cream ordering is the McBroken interactive map.

On the map all McDonald's restaurants with a working ice cream machine are shown with a green marker. Red markers show all the restaurants where it looks like the ice cream machine is broken. The map also provides some statistics on the national and local status of McDonald's ice cream machines. At the time of writing 7.5% of restaurants have broken ice cream machines. People in Phoenix are in the worst ice cream predicament. Over 13% of McDonald's restaurant in the city have broken ice cream machines.

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