Monday, October 05, 2020

Idle Map Tycoon - the Game!

I'm a big fan of Idle computer games and I've been thinking about how to create a map based Idle game for a few years. Someone has now beaten me to it.

Idle or Incremental computer games usually require the player to perform some simple actions to build up in-game currency. The main aim of these games is to increase the rate of this acquisition of money. Once a player starts generating an income then usually the currency will continue generating even in the player's absence - hence the 'idle' name.

BuDongSan is a new interactive map based realtor tycoon game. In the game you are required to buy or rent property and make money by letting, or subletting, those properties. Once you start building up a property portfolio the money will start rolling in, enabling you to buy ever larger and more expensive properties.

At the moment BuDongSan is a very simple game, with very few features. However, despite this, I've been playing it quite a lot over the last 24 hours (I'm now at level 24). The best Idle games allow you to buy, earn or develop new skills which can help increase your rate of currency acquisition. As a property tycoon idle game, BuDongSan, could possibly benefit from allowing you to purchase or earn some property developments which work to increase the rental value of the properties you own.

You can read more about the game on the BuDongSan GitHub page. The tips provided here, on borrowing money and setting the rental income to pay every minute rather than every hour should help you get started in building your very own property portfolio.

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Unknown said...

I played at 30 mins and i am at almost at level 200