Thursday, October 29, 2020

How Many Countries Do You Know?

It is time once again to test your geographical knowledge with yet another fun map based quiz. Can You Guess the Country is a simple geography quiz, which requires you to name countries as they are shown on an interactive map. 

In this map game you are shown the outlines of a series of countries on an interactive map. All you have to do is select the correct country shown from a multiple-choice list of five countries. Can You Guess the Country is made a little more difficult by using Mapbox's bearing option to rotate the map. This means that each country is shown without north being at the top. Most of us are most used to seeing countries mapped with north at the top of the map - so rotating a country's orientation on the map can make it a little harder to recognize. 

Can You Guess the Country also makes clever use of map masking to mask out all of the map except for the country in the current quiz question. 

Can You Guess the Country was developed using a template developed for the Guess the Geography map game. Guess the Geography is also a fun map game to play. However Guess the Geography is UK based - it can therefore be very difficult to play if you aren't familiar with the different administrative geographies of the United Kingdom. 

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Anonymous said...

Several repeats on Austria, and Bouvet Island off Antarctica is not a country.