Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fusion Tables Google Maps Wizard

FusionTablesLayer Builder

The FusionTablesLayer Builder is a great little wizard for creating a Google Map from a Fusion Table.

To build your map all you need to do is add the table id of your Fusion Table and specify the name of the column holding your location data. That's all there is to it! FusionTablesLayer Builder will now create the html for your finished map.

The wizard does provide a number of other useful options. You can set the height and width of your Google Map. You can also set the centre location and the initial zoom level.

A really nice option also lets you add a search box for your map or a drop-down menu. You can even specify which column of your Fusion Table the search box or drop-down menu will use.

Here's an example map I created with FusionTablesLayer Builder in a matter of minutes. The example is a map of temperatures taken around the UK in December.

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