Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fusion Tables Google Maps Wizard

FusionTablesLayer Builder

The FusionTablesLayer Builder is a great little wizard for creating a Google Map from a Fusion Table.

To build your map all you need to do is add the table id of your Fusion Table and specify the name of the column holding your location data. That's all there is to it! FusionTablesLayer Builder will now create the html for your finished map.

The wizard does provide a number of other useful options. You can set the height and width of your Google Map. You can also set the centre location and the initial zoom level.

A really nice option also lets you add a search box for your map or a drop-down menu. You can even specify which column of your Fusion Table the search box or drop-down menu will use.

Here's an example map I created with FusionTablesLayer Builder in a matter of minutes. The example is a map of temperatures taken around the UK in December.



Unknown said...

Hi there

I am looking for exactly what you have in this example. would you have the code for it so i could use it as a reference? or perhaps a tutorial to follow?

Keir Clarke said...

Hi Scouts,

If you are referring to my example feel free to view the source and copy the code.

My example was created by using the linked FusionTablesLayer Builder - so that would seem your best bet.

You just need to add the table id from your Fusion Table to the Builder and play around with it.

Waldo said...

The Select button does not work and it seems that the map does not load the info. On the map I'm creating, also with this Wizard i have the same problem.

Any ideas?

Keir Clarke said...

Hi Waldo,

I've just tried the wizard with a Fusion Table id (363350) and it is working fine for me.

I'm guessing that at times it may take a little time for the wizard to grab the column headings from your Fusion Table.

If you still have problems I would post a query to the Fusion Tables Google Group:

Waldo said...

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I tried the wizard with your Fusion Talble id (363350) and it is working fine for me too.

But my data and you early example ( ) has the same problem when you select some data.

Thanks Again!!

Keir Clarke said...

Hi Waldo,

Wow it does. I just had another go trying to build my map from scratch with the wizard.

It output slightly different html than in my original version.

However building it from scratch with the wizard worked fine. If you look at that cold3.htm example now it should work.

zormac said...


I've generated a test map with this tool, but when I try pasting the html code to an html widget window for a Wikispace page or an html entry field for a page, the only thing that shows up is the drop-down search menu. Is there a way to embed this map on either of these sites?