Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calculate Taxi Fares with Google Maps

Taxi Fare Finder

If you need to take a taxi but are unsure of the likely cost then you can use the Taxi Fare Finder calculator to find out the likely price before your journey.

To start a calculation you just need to select a city from a drop-down menu. If your location is not listed you can still calculate the likely fare based on a typical U.S. cab fare.

Next, you just need to enter your starting location and destination. The estimated fare is then displayed next to a Google Map of your route. The driving directions for your journey are also displayed beneath the map.



Anonymous said...

is this application International? It will be very well suited for tourists so that they are not being taken advantage by taxi drivers in foreign countries.

Anonymous said...

It absolutely is, Lia! The site updated its home page to include a list of international cities (and nicely on a map), so you can see the coverage. Good luck.

Rich said...

I use google maps multiple times per week when driving customers to and from locations that I am less familiar with. Often enough I have noticed that my odometer has a different reading than the google maps projected distance. The difference is usually 10% of the forecasted distance. Google maps does help, but is not perfect.

Anonymous said...

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