Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Sunday Best of Google Maps

Worldwide Penis Size Map

This Google Map, showing the average penis size of men in different countries around the world, may not be the best map Ive seen this week but it has certainly created the most interest.

Grammy's - Music is Life is Music Map

The 'Music is Life is Music' map is the best designed map I've seen this week.

The map, and accompanying iPhone and Android apps, lets you drop songs on places that you associate with certain songs. Using the map it is therefore possible to express how music can take you back to a special place at a special time. Or, if that doesn't float your boat, you can just use the map to listen to some great songs added by other users.

Google Sky & Chromeless Videos

It is probably ethically, morally and legally wrong to include one of my own apps in a weekly round-up of the best Google Maps but, I genuinely think, this map of videos on a Google Sky map is quite cool.

This Sky Map overlays a number of astronomical animations on top of Google Sky. I've used the YouTube API to show the videos in a chromeless player. The effect is pretty impressive, creating an almost seamless overlay of the video on the map.


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