Saturday, March 05, 2011

Coupons on Google Maps

Daily deal websites are very hot right now. Recently Google failed in its attempts to buy Groupon. However Bing has successfully launched a big partnership with long Google Maps Mania favourite Dealmap.

Dealmap uses Google Maps to display all the best local deals, coupons and special offers. You can search the map by location and refine the results by a number of categories, including restaurants, shopping, hotels etc.

Bing's partnership with Dealmap means that you will now see deals on the homepage of Using the DealMap database you will see daily deals and offers geared towards your location.

Dealmap has certainly been very successful. ProgrammableWeb report that Dealmap currently has "85 million monthly visitors, 36 commercial distribution partners ... and more than 280 developers using its API." It also says that "more than 11 million API queries per day (are) being handled by the DealExchange platform."

Dealmap is not the only daily deal website to be using Google Maps. 8coupons also uses Google Maps to help you find all the deals from your neighborhood restaurants, bars, salons, and stores.

Using 8coupons you can search for deals by location and by type of deal. Like Dealmap, 8coupons also provides a developer API that allows other map developers to tap into its coupon and deals database.

MetroSeeq also helps you visually locate coupons gift certificates, deals, promotions and discounts on a Google Map. The site works in every city in the U.S.. MetroSeeq includes an interesting crowdsoucing feature that allows users to add deals.

Couponmap also lets you search over 370,000 coupons by city, state or zipcode on a Google Map.

The Couponmap widget also allows you to add a deals map to your own website by cutting and pasting a short piece of code.


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