Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Gramfeed Adds Google Maps Search


Gramfeed, the excellent web application that showcases Instagram photos, has now added a Google Maps interface. Instagram is an iPhone application that allows users to share their photographs with friends and family.

Gramfeed uses the Instagram API to present the best photos from Instagram and allows users to view their photos, a time-line of those they follow, read comments on photos and Tweet about photos and much, much more.

Since Gramfeed launched it has been getting a lot of favourable press and I've been a frequent visitor to the site because it regularly features excellent photos taken using Instagram.

Every time I have visited Gramfeed, however, I have wondered why there is no way to browse the photographs by map. I was therefore over the moon when Gramfeed contacted me today to promote their new Google Maps based visualisation of Instagram photos.

Yes, that's right, using the Gramfeed map you can now search for the latest Instagram photographs by location.


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Mike Bosch - Software Engineer said...

This is interesting.