Tuesday, March 22, 2011

London's Red Buses on Google Maps

London BusMapper

London BusMapper can tell you which London bus you should take for your journey. London's huge public bus network is a great way of getting around the city. However, with so many routes, it can be difficult to work out which bus you should catch.

With London BusMapper all you need to do is click on your starting point and destination on a Google Map and the app will show you which buses you can take. All the different options are immediately displayed on the map and the locations of the bus-stops you need are clearly shown.

On a Bus

On a Bus is a Google Maps mashup of London bus routes. To use the site just enter a London bus number and On a Bus will show the bus's route using Google Maps (try '1' if you are not familiar with London Bus numbers).

The bus route is shown on the map with a polyline and all the bus-stops on the route are indicated with map markers. If you click on any of the map markers on the route nearby points of interest are displayed in the side-panel.

What Bus?

What Bus? is a Google Maps mashup of all the London bus lines. It is possible to search the map by postcode or by just panning the map. The bus routes are shown on the map by coloured polylines. Clicking on any of the bus routes will take you to an individual route just for that line.

What Bus? is also available as an iPhone app.


Bus-Tops is a fascinating public art project in London. Bus-Tops will be installing screens on the roofs of bus shelters across London, creating a medium for artists to show their work. Currently the Bus-Tops team is asking Londoners to choose which bus shelters they would like Bus-Tops' screens to be installed on.

If you want to suggest a bus stop shelter in London for a Bus-Tops screen you can do so by simply entering an address or postcode on the Bus-Tops Google Map. Once you enter a address you can view bus shelters near that location. Clicking on a bus top marker will bring up more information on the shelter.


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