Sunday, March 06, 2011

Crisis Mapping the Libyan Civil War

Libya Crisis Map

The UN OCHA’s Information Management unit in Geneva has asked the CrisisMappers Standby Task Force to provide a live map of reports of the current crisis in Libya generated from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and mainstream media sources.

The CrisisMappers Standby Task Force was established in response to the Haiti earthquake. The Task Force partners include CrisisMappers, CrisisCommons, Humanity Road, ICT4Peace, Open Street Map and MapAction.

The Libya Crisis Map uses the Ushahidi crowdsourced crisis reporting system to map the latest news from Libya, as gleaned from social media and traditional news sources. The map has also pulled in the data collected by Arasmus, who has been using Google My Maps to map Twitter reports from Libya.

If you want to learn more about CrisisMappers the Standby Task Force blog is very informative.



Unknown said...

Please "Crisis Mapping the Libyan Revolution".

This is not a civil war, it is a revolution. There are opposition forces fighting against Gaddafi's mercinaries and others forced to fight.
The people of Libya are united against Gaddafi.

Antonio said...

What our news media presents to us as poular "uprisings" in Egypt and Tunisia are both miltary inspired coups. I am guessing that's the case in Libya as well, whether home-grown or inflicted and directed on that nation from outside agents or agencies. The most powerful social and politial influence in that country is Islam and nothing but Islam, and we are being fooled and fool ourselves if we believe media lies about "democracy". The populace in those countries may be suffering in joblessness, want, and oppressive dictatorships, but democracy is not in their future, and the goverments of Britain France, Spain have all along been cozying with those oppressors, and now hypocrtically anounce their intent to "liberate" those nations. That is a very big lie. The support of true popular governing councils is not their intent. Zapatero of Spain's commentary on the subject of Libya is a fatuous screen for what can be seen as a crusade across the Mediterranean, and he is ridiculed in his own country and the Spanish-speaking world for his two-facedness by journalists, other political observers, and not a few of his people. He and his predecessors have happily supplied dictatorial African governments with Spanish-made weapons. All of the Spanish political parties are and have been oppressive war-mongering parties, easily leaned on by the US and/or other Euro-nations for no good reason. The kings hands are dirty and bloody as well. Our own ignorance, cultural biases and mono-lingual condition are used against us to support violent measures instead of peaceful negotiation. If, perish the thought, we speak more than one tongue, we can begin to discern the true facts behind wars initiated not in our behalf nor with our own well-being as citizens in mind. Now Obama smoothly and easily drags us into yet another conflict. The Germans prevent Merkel from doing the same. Do yourself a favor and read investigative journalist Wayne Madsen's short bio on our president's family background. It is an eye opener, and has nothing to do with innocent "African goat-herds".