Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Sunday Best of Google Maps

Geographical applications and smartphones are a match made in heaven. It is no surprise then that this week's round-up of the best Google Maps mashups to feature on Google Maps Mania includes three smartphone apps.

First off, however, here's one for the desktop,

Wounded Rhymes

I think someone has passed a law that says when a singer or band release a new album they must promote it with Google Maps Street View.

Lykke Li is the latest singer to release a Street View app to help promote her new album. In this app you have to follow the directions to hear the next song on the album. Very clever!


Crowdbeacon is a desktop and iPhone app that lets you ask location based questions of the crowd. For example, you could ask if there is anywhere to get good sushi nearby and get near real-time results.


Geoloqi is an iPhone app with some great location sharing features. The features of Geoloqi include automatic Foursquare checkins and private real-time GPS tracking.

Perhaps Geoloqi's killer app is Geonotes. These let you add reminders at specific locations. For example, remind yourself to pick up milk and get the reminder when you pass the store.


Broadcastr has created iPhone and Android applications that allow users to record geotagged audio stories. The recorded stories can then be browsed on a Google Map on the Broadcastr website.


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