Tuesday, May 17, 2011

California School Funding on Google Maps

A California School Funding Map Tool

The California budget crisis means that Californian schools are facing drastic cuts to their budgets. Parents for Great Education has used Fusion Tables and the Google Maps API to create this map to show the funding of schools in the state.

The map allows you to look at funding for school districts, by State Senate District or by State Assembly District. The map is color-coded to show the school district funding per student. If you click on the map you can view the state cuts per student, estimated cuts per student and the total cuts to the school district.

California School District Funding

This Google Map shows school district funding in California. Using the map it is possible to view funding levels in each district and also view the school district's academic performance.

If you click on a school district you can view details of the funding over the last three years together with a projection of the funding next year assuming there is no tax extension in California.

The map also displays State Senate districts. If you click on a Senate district you can view the name and party affiliation of the district Senator and their winning margin.

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