Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Classified Ads on Google Maps


Pigeon Map is a free classifieds website that uses Google Maps to let you find classified ads near your location.

The classified ads come in many categories with advanced search options. You can search by location and by category, including 'deals', 'events', 'jobs' and 'for sale'. Results of a search are then displayed on the map.

Users can also post their own classified ads to the map by completing a short form.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me about pigeonmap.

I like it so far.

Anonymous said...

check www.spacefieds.com this site too uses google maps and its a free classifieds site .

Anonymous said...

Did you try AdsBaba.com?

post free ads said...

Pegeon is really a unique classifieds site based on Google maps.And you can easily post a free classifieds ad here.