Wednesday, May 18, 2011

360 Degree Panoramas on Google Maps


360 Panorama is an iPhone app that lets you create 360 degree panoramas with your phone's camera. 360verse is the app's website where users can showcase their captured interactive panoramas on a Google Map.

The map does a good job to show the location where panoramas were taken. Strangely however there is no way to explore the submitted panorama's geographically. The only way to explore the panoramas is chronologically via the map's 'previous' and 'next' buttons.

Why present the images on a map if you don't allow the user to select to view the panoramas by location? Looking at the map I can see that someone has submitted 360 degree panoramas of Cambodia but I can't view them except by repeatedly clicking the 'next' button until I get to them.

This map has the potential to be a great showcase for the 360 Panorama iPhone app but it still needs a little work on the user interface.

Hat-tip: Street View Funny


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