Thursday, May 26, 2011

Local Answers on Google Maps


After coupon based sites the big new trend in location this year seems to be localised question and answer platforms. Gootip is an application, available on iPhones and Android phones and from your desktop, that lets you ask a question about a location and receive answers from the crowd.

You can use Gootip to ask any kind of question linked to a city or a specific place, for example, "Where can I see a hip hop concert tonight in New York?" or "Who is the best doctor in the Mission District in San Francisco?"

Other users of Gootip will then respond to your question. The answers you get back will be sorted by the respondent's location, information provided when they registered and their expertise level through 'stickers' earned by answering other questions.

Also See
  • Crowdbeacon -ask location based questions of the crowd.
  • Askaro - ask a question in a specific area by placing the question on a Google Map. Askaro has a nice reputation scoring system for answers given
  • Travellr - ask questions about anywhere in the world and receive answers from locals or past visitors

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