Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Delft in 3D on Google Maps

TU Delft Cloudviewer

The TU Delft Cloudviewer is the first application to allow 3D exploration of massive point clouds directly from a web browser. The Cloudviewer lets you explore Delft in the Netherlands in 3D, from a number of angles and points of view.

The TU Delft Cloudviewer was developed as a final student project for the Minor 3D Virtual Earth. As part of the project aerial photography and 3D point clouds were pre-processed for use in a real-time 3D rendering engine. Then students designed a system to simulate a virtual camera that creates tens of thousands of oblique 'birds-eye' snapshots for various zoom-levels and viewing angles.

These resulting images are then shown in the Cloudviewer as a layer in Google Maps. Using Google Maps you can explore the 3D point clouds from a number of different perspectives. There are three oblique views available, from 90, 45 and 20 degrees. It is also possible to rotate the point clouds to view the resulting images from north, south, east and west.


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