Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Best Google Maps of the Week

Invisible Playground

Invisible Playground was definitely the most retweeted map on Google Maps Mania this week. Using the Google Maps satellite view as a background image certainly seemed to catch a lot of people's imagination.

When you drag the map around the map also moves for everyone else viewing the webpage. What's more every move of the map is recorded and Invisible Playground plan to post a map soon tracking where user's have dragged the map.

Global Billboard

Smells Like Teen Spirit is going down a storm in Russia this week with over a thousand fans on Whilst in the USA over 7,000 listeners are Rolling in the Deep with Adele.

Global Billboard visualises the popularity of top artists and top tracks on in (nearly) every country in the world, and in more than 200 metro areas. Using the map it is possible to check out which are the most listened to artists and tracks on in different countries.

The Weekend Map

Are you struggling for something to do in New York this weekend? Then you should consult The Weekend Map, your guide to everything happening in the Big Apple at the weekends.

The Weekend Map displays events happening in New York from Friday through to Sunday, on a Google Map. The listed events on the map are categorised into festivals, music eating, farmers markets etc. It is also possible to filter the events by day.


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