Friday, May 06, 2011

Street View in 3D

StreetView Explorer

StreetView Explorer is a very clever desktop application that lets you explore Google Maps Street View in a more 3d like environment. The application allows you to walk around Street View and explore the world as if you really were Pegman.

The video above gives a good overview of the StreetView Explorer experience. It reminds me a little of Microsoft's Street Slide experiment (video below) without the fixed side-on 2d view.



Ritalin said...

While I like the peg idea and the easier controls, the quality is no good: it looks clearly worse than the regular street view, and has far less functionalities (no blue lines, no mini-map, no wikipedia...). It´s even worse now that it works with GE too.

A good idea, but unusable in present state. Hopefully they´ll improve it (Not sure who´s "they", though).

Thanks to the admin for bringing this, though.


Paul said...

"They" is just me, someone who made this in his spare time. It's supposed to be just a tech demo, not a real application or something that replaces the current streetview.
I hope it pressures Google into implementing this for real as they have a lot more detailed depth data available.