Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Real-Time Parking on Google Maps


The San Francisco Municipal Authority has released a Google Map to help improve car parking in the city. The new map displays real-time information about where parking is available so drivers can quickly find open spaces.

As part of the new initiative San Francisco now periodically adjusts meter pricing to match demand. To help keep car drivers informed about the variable meter prices SFpark displays in real-time current prices.

Roads on the map are color-coded to reflect real-time meter pricing. The darker the shade of green of a road the higher its current pricing. It is also possible to view in real-time the current availability of parking spaces.

City owned parking garages are also displayed on the map. Rates at these garages will now also vary to match real-time demand.



Ant said...


Is there one for Los Angeles/L.A. and other Southern California/CA?

Thank you in advance. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's called Parker for the iPhone, they say they have an android version coming soon.


There is also a website version like this one: