Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Best Google Maps of the Week


I've been playing Fleck all week. It is probably the best game yet created with Google Maps.

In the game you can build a home anywhere in North America. You can decorate your house with trees and plants and other decorations. You can team up with other players and fight zombies. You can complete scavenger hunts that send you all across the USA searching for goodies. You can even build an empire by buying the models of real-world restaurants in the game.

The game features some cool touches. For example many American landmarks have been modelled in the game. Each location also has real-time weather, so if you are in Seattle and it happens to be snowing in Seattle it will also be snowing in the game.

Generate a Panorama

'Generate a Panorama' lets you click on a Google Map and see a representation of the panoramic view from that location.

For example, below is the generated view from the summit of Mont Blanc looking due west. As you can see all the peaks in your view are marked on the created panorama.


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