Friday, December 21, 2012

Google Maps of the Weird and Wonderful

Atlas Obscura has a undergone a beautiful new redesign.

Atlas Obscura has always been the best place to discover wondrous and curious places around you. Now it looks wonderful as well. All areas of Atlas Obscura have a new look including a new custom style for the Atlas Obscura Google Maps, which have been optimised using the Styled Maps feature in the Maps API.

Atlas Obscura say that around every corner there "is something that will surprise the hell out of you". They have therefore made it their mission to help you discover these curious surprises. If you use the site's two part search option ('what' and 'where') you can view a Google Map of any location with all the strange and curious places that Atlas Obscura (and their users) have discovered nearby.

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Ethan Taliesin said...

Their new website design is slick, but it also sucks. It lacks character and is difficult to search by map, by region.