Saturday, December 29, 2012

Half a Million Asteroids Mapped

Today I've been taking a little weekend break away from Google Maps and have been playing instead with the Asterank 3d Asteroid Orbit Space Simulation.

The simulation is an amazing WebGL application that shows a view of our solar system with over 580,000 asteroids mapped. It is possible to rotate, zoom and pan the simulation. It is also possible to refine the asteroids shown by most valuable and most accessible (just in case you have plans to get into asteroid mining).

Whilst we are in the heavens you might also like the BBC's collection of images of the Earth taken from orbiting satellites. 2012 as Seen from Space includes eleven images of some important events that have taken place in the last year, as seen from the heavens.

The collection features satellite images of Hurricane Sandy, the capsized cruise ship the Costa Concordia and NASA's Curiosity Rover parachute landing on Mars.

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