Monday, December 17, 2012

Symbols on Geodesic Polylines

Last week I posted about Darren Wiens' experiments with Paper.js and the Google Maps API, as featured on Darren's Side Projects blog. Since then Darren has created another interesting Google Map. In a post called Maps, Missiles and Moving Labels Darren explains how he animates SVG symbols along polylines in the shape of geodesic circles.

The actual map, What is 10,000km from Pyongyang?, plots a series of geodesic circles at increasing distances around Pyongyang. Distance labels for each geodesic polyline animate around the circles and a missile randomly animates from Pyongyang to random points on the 10,000km polyline.

Darren explains in his post that he isn't really worried about North Korean missiles but created the map to illustrate how SVG symbols can be animated on polylines. If you are interested in creating something similar yourself then you should have a look at the Symbols on Polylines section in the Google Maps API documentation.

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